The real estate network with the most market share has the most to offer homebuyers and sellers.

The sum total of all Connection REALTORS momentum, growth and Associate production over more than a quarter century is reflected in current Connection REALTORS market strength.

Connection REALTORS has already attained Premier Market Presence (PMP) in area after area across North America and is growing in market share in regions around the world. The organization has been the top-producing real estate network in North America for several years and is growing rapidly in Spain, South Africa, Israel, and other new international regions.

A measure of business leadership, PMP results from community-minded high-producing Associates giving superior customer service under a respected company banner. This formula for building market share breaks down into the following interdependent components of PMP. All of them together add up to Premier Market Share.

Premier Customer Satisfaction
The success of the network ultimately depends on each Connection REALTORS Associate providing unparalleled satisfaction to each of his or her customers. Advanced education, technological expertise and experience all translate into quality customer service. It’s because of satisfied customers that about 70 percent of an average Connection REALTORS Associate’s business results from repeats and referrals. Those sources of business account for about 30 percent of other agents' sales activity.

Premier Community Citizenship
Connection REALTORS Associates have always been among the leaders in their communities, devoting time and dollars to countless charities and local causes. Committed to their own personal charities, Connection REALTORS Associates and offices contribute tens of millions of dollars annually to their respective communities.

At the network level, Connection REALTORS sponsorship of the Children’s Miracle Network is a prime example of Connection REALTORS community citizenship. One of CMN`s largest corporate partners, the Connection REALTORS network has raised $32 million for the charity. CMN helps seriously ill children through contributions to local hospitals. Its Annual Broadcast, which airs throughout North America, regularly generates millions of dollars for kids in need.

Premier Quality Professionals
As a group, Connection REALTORS Associates lead agents of competing companies in experience, education and production. They average more than 13 years of real estate experience and - across the network - hold a higher number of professional designations than agents of any single competitor. The average Connection REALTORS Associate out-produces competing agents three to one.

Premier Brand Name Awareness
The red, white and blue Connection REALTORS Hot Air Balloon logo is one of the most widely recognized trademarks in North American business and is spreading throughout global markets.

Premier Market Share
The interaction of quality Associates, public recognition of the Connection REALTORS name and logo, customer satisfaction and Associate citizenship result in transactions and leading market share.